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Some of you asked how Susan Wayland would look dressed as the GirlNextDoor. Well, this session is her response to your request! But unlike the normal Girl Next Door, Susan loves to wear latex in private. So she put on her black latex bikini and black latex stockings. Susan loved the idea of combining her black latex with something in red so she took her transparent red skull top. We think this combination is absolutely sweet but sexy. But honestly, would you call her Girl Next Door?

Susan Wayland in Latex and Red Skull Top with 44 awesome latex pictures and 5:54 min HD video

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In this photoshoot, Susan Wayland combines this metallic purple latex mini dress with her black long latex stockings. Because the dress exposed her naked butt, this latex mini dress is the perfect choice for a naughty party dress.As we stare at her high heels, we follow her sexy long latex wrapped legs to her naked butt and big boobs. We had alot of fun with this photoshoot!

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Susan Wayland was looking for the right combination of latex outfits for a planned photo shoot. So, we took her transparent latex catsuit with a perfect cut — fitting perfectly being made of very thin latex. It was the right choice for the shoot, but as we watched her in the mirror, she obviously had to put something else over this latex catsuit. Let’s say it was simply too thin and transparent. So, we took her black latex gloves and beloved black tight latex corset. After tightening the corset, we noticed that this combination was simply fantastic. That’s the reason we took some more pictures for you because we’re pretty sure you will love them too. So enjoy!

Susan Wayland in Latex Corset Training

After a quick shopping tour, Susan Wayland needed even more time to enjoy her new latex outfits — taking it again in her hands, trying it on, and watching herself in the mirror. That happened to her recently when she bought this beautiful purple latex bodysuit. Purple is a great color which usually suits her very well. But it wasn’t the color that caught her attention this time. She bought this bodysuit because of the latex: It’s transparent, ultra thin, and incredibly soft! It’s obvious she also had to buy fitting latex stockings and put both of them on. A perfect purchase! The latex bodysuit feels fantastic on her skin, the cut is perfect, and it’s a fanstatic match for her body curves. We love the latex bodysuit and hope you’ll like the combination in the pictures as much as we do!

Love At First Touch - Purple Latex Bodysuit

Wasn’t there a recent request for another photo set with ballet heels? Okay, friends of ballet. This is Susan Wayland’s contribution to the artistic style of walking in ballet heels. Susan Wayland trained a very long and painful time to become adept at walking and modeling in ballet heels! In this set we see another great combination of contrasting red and black that is perfect with black ballet heels, Susan’s beautiful black latex jeans by Simon O., and a skin-tight latex top by Westward Bound. I’m sure you can imagine how beautiful this latex session will be. It was an awesome session, and finally we’re proud about how perfectly Susan can walk in these ballet heels. It took a while to train for it, but every minute was worth doing. I’m sure the ballet heels crown this session! So enjoy.

Latex and Ballet Heels

Latex can be so different. Most of my beautiful outfits are made of normal thick latex. These outfits are tight on my body and when I wear such a dress I feel every movement. This feeling is very lustful for me. I like the tight tough of latex around my legs, my boobies and my butt! But the latex of this beautiful purple latex body by Simon O. is made with very thin latex. That was a totally different feeling. I was always afraid to disrupt the body. But while my movements I felt the body was very flexible and conformed flawless to my body. So all my movements where totally relaxed while wearing this transparent latex body. Therefore, these pictures and also the videos are very hot!

And by the way, beside this sexy outfit I could also show you my new septum piercing. For all of you who don’t know this term it’s the little ring in my nose. Many of you love all my piercings and some of you also know from old galleries my septum piercing. Unfortunately, I had to take this piercing out for a while which made me very sad. Now, in this session we can celebrate the great comeback. So, there are two good reasons to enjoy this session!

Susan Wayland Getting Wet Rubber Girl

That’s how I love it: A sexy photo shooting in beautiful sun, I’m wearing latex fashion and can model for you. That’s exactly one of these things which I mostly love. Especiallly, if I’m wearing this dreamful pink latex dress which was special made for me by House of Harlot. I don’t know many latex designers who work with such special pink colors which is a little sad. But if I want to model for you – and that’s very often because I love modeling – I want to wear a special outfit like this. So enjoy these latex pictures which are very beautiful. However, maybe you will love the HD video which is in my eyes one of the best videos ever.

Susan Wayland in Shiny Pink Latex

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